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Yoga with Ellen

I first started practicing Yoga in 2014 after losing a close family relation. I found comfort in the shapes and was surprised to learn that the intention of Yoga is not to exercise your body to the brink, but to make it feel good. There is magic imbedded in the practice of Yoga. It’s what I use to pull myself out of fatigue and dullness, but it is also what I use to ground down and allow my body to shift into a natural state of relaxation.


I have found that Yoga offers a tool kit and different tools are needed and best utilized depending on where you find yourself. ​I’m still learning more and more every day, but what I know for sure is that whenever I attempt to journey inward, to focus, to calm the chatter of my mind, to connect with something deeper, I always feel the better for it. I feel fortunate to have encountered the practice of Yoga within this lifetime and I feel very grateful and excited to share it with others. I'm a 200 hour certified Yoga instructor through Boston Yoga School. I’m grateful to the instructors I’ve encountered along the way including Heraldo Costa, Ame Wren, Brenna Matthews, Kristina Clemons, Daniel Max and Monica Trobagis.​


My goal as a teacher is to offer students an accessible way to get in tune with their breath through gentle movements that build strength, mobility, and flexibility. 

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